Vitastem Ultra Use Cases

The best over the counter first aid & topical antibiotic for treating wounds and infectious skin diseases.

Vitastem Ultra is hailed as a miracle worker by consumers and healthcare professionals everywhere. By using a patent-pending, proprietary transdermal delivery system, Vitastem Ultra effectively facilitates the transfer of chemicals through the stratum corneum with a diffusion constant that is 10,000x higher more effective than competing antibiotic ointments.

Vitastem Ultra can be used as a first aid treatment for minor cuts & wounds to treating common skin diseases like acne,
eczema, psoriasis, boils, impetigo, MRSA (staph), toenail fungus, shingles, post-op surgical wounds, and more.
Consumers and healthcare professionals unanimously tout the fast effects of Vitastem Ultra and have noted it to be far
more effective than popular brands like Neosporin and others.