Patient Results with Vitastem

Deep, Non-healing Diabetic Ulcer Healed After 32 Days


Deep, Non-healing Diabetic Wound Healed with Complete Closure within 90 days

Deep Non-healing Diabetic Wound Before Vitastem
Diabetic Wound Healed and Fully Closed in 90 days

Carcinoma Post-Op Surgery Wound Healed within 2 weeks

Carcinoma Post Op Surgery
Carcinoma Post Op Surgery Wound Healed in 2 Weeks

Deep Wound from Box Cutter Healed within 20 Days

Third-degree Burn Healed within 21 Days

Second-degree Burn Healed within 20 Days

2nd-Degree Burn
2nd-Degree Burn

Impetigo Infection Healed within 5 Days

Impetigo Infection before Vitastem
Impetigo Infection Healed in 5 Days with Vitastem

Deep Finger Wound from Knife Accident Healed within 30 Days

Knife Accident Laceration Finger Wound Day 1
Knife Accident Laceration Finger Wound Day 30

Finger Wound from Construction Accident Healed within 30 Days

Construction Accident Finger Laceration Day 1
Construction Accident Finger Laceration Healed by Day 30

Psoriasis Infection Healed within 7 Days

Psoriasis Infection Before Vitastem Treatment
Psoriasis Treatment with Vitastem

MRSA Infection on Doberman Pinscher Healed with Full Closure within 85 Days


Vitastem Ultra has proven to be 10x more effective at treating several skin diseases such as acne, boils, eczema, impetigo, and psoriasis, along with first to third-degree burns, and even antibiotic-resistant bacteria like MRSA and staph infection. Not limited to human skin conditions, Vitastem is very effective at treating and healing minor to severe pet wounds too for dogs, cats, and some other domestic animals. Patients often see results within 24 hours of use, but will experience more significant results in 5 to 7 days, and may be up to a few weeks for more severe wounds and/or infections like staph, MRSA, or diabetic ulcers. To date, Vitastem has helped save countless amputations due to diabetic wounds. Vitastem Ultra is safe to use for all age groups and available for over the counter use.