The Best Infection Treatment for Mild to Severe Bacterial Skin Infections

Skin Infection

Bacterial infections are most often treated with topical antibiotics like applied directly to the skin or with the use of oral antibiotics. For years, if the strain of bacteria is resistant to treatment, such as staph or MRSA, then treating the infection may require intravenous antibiotics administered in the hospital. However, there’s a better way to treat infections and prevent further and/or more serious infections just by using Vitastem Ultra – one of the world’s strongest topical antibiotics.

The doctors and scientists behind Vitastem Ultra have spent decades treating some of the most severe varieties of infections. Vitastem Ultra’s amazing results may best be displayed in the restoration of life that takes place as a result of helping countless patients avoid amputations, healing debilitating wound infections, and restoring mobility to many patients across the world.

Even when treating the most severe infections, Vitastem Ultra is able to:

  • Prevent infection
  • Restore and improve blood flow to damaged cells
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Support tissue growth
  • Cleanse and kill bacteria in the affected areas

While most infections are not quite so traumatic, Vitastem Ultra guarantees that you’ll never need another general first aid ointment for cuts and wounds and infections, large or small, ever again! Whether a slice of the finger while peeling a potato, a backyard improvement casualty, or a diabetic wound, Vitastem Ultra delivers the same results and relief when treating infected wounds!

How Vitastem Ultra so powerful at treating infections?

All known antibiotics (other than Vitastem Ultra) primarily use what’s called a chemical “mechanism of kill” only, whereby the antibiotic attempts to kill the bacteria slowly by applying (if topical), or absorbing (if oral) more and more of the medicine over a period of time as it is taken as prescribed. While this can be somewhat effective, it takes much longer. Unfortunately, this also allows for bacteria to do what bacteria does: evolve and develop resistance to the medicine.

That’s where Vitastem Ultra is different…

Vitastem uses both a chemical and a physical mechanism to kill and fight pathogens. The physical mechanism of kill is a key feature of Vitastem Ultra’s strength.

Vitastem Ultra’s patent-pending, specialized combination of ingredients has hacked the delivery formula that enables the active ingredient, bacitracin, to be transported at 10x the strength and depth of other products in the marketplace today.

In addition to treating the skin infection, Vitastem Ultra also infuses skin cells damaged by the infection with vitamin D3 and vitamin C. After treating the bacterial skin infection, your skin will be left fully treated & rejuvenated too.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a mild to severe skin infection, ask your doctor if Vitastem Ultra can be a good for treating, healing, and preventing further infections.