FAQs about Vitastem

One of the world’s strongest first aid & topical antibiotics that kills all harmful bacteria that has been available for testing over the past 10 years.

While the speed of results varies depending on the severity of the skin condition, many patients see dramatic results within the first 24 hours of use. Vitastem often helps heal a variety of skin conditions that have been difficult to treat even with prescription medications, such as staph infection & MRSA. When using Vitastem 2 to 3x daily, most patients and doctors report seeing significant results in 5 to 7 days of use.

Active Ingredient: Bacitracin Zinc (500 units Bacitracin in 1g)

Inactive Ingredients: acetic acid, ascorbic acid, chlorhexidine gluconate, cholecalciferol, dimethyl sulfoxide, dipropylene glycol, glucono delta lactone, glycerin, histidine, hydroxethyl cellulose, magnesium stearate, sodium hydroxide, sorbic acid, stearic acid, and water.

You only need to apply a small amount of Vitastem Ultra, usually just one drop (an amount equal to the surface area of the tip of a finger) on the area 2 to 3 times daily. Rub into skin well for about 30 seconds. You can cover the wound or infection being treated with a Band-Aid if needed. For faster results, apply Vitastem 3x daily.

Vitastem Ultra is a long-lasting first aid & topical antibiotic. Depending on the skin condition, frequency of application, and the amount of the surface area covered, a 55ml bottle of Vitastem will generally last for approximately 6 months to a year. Vitastem has a shelf life of 2 years, so one bottle goes a very long way.

Vitastem & Vitastem Ultra are FDA-Registered. The only difference is that Vitastem cannot get a separate FDA Approval because ALL of its ingredients have already been FDA Approved. The FDA won’t “re-approve” these ingredients, chemicals, etc. Therefore, Vitastem falls under a “CLASS 1 MEDICAL PRODUCT” – meaning it’s among the safest categories of medical products available. Vitastem Ultra is available for over the counter (OTC) use and does not require a prescription.

Yes. Vitastem is safe to use for ALL age groups. Including infants and children. 

Vitastem Ultra has proven success at treating bad acne flare-ups and healing acne scars. It would depend on the severity of the acne, but patients report seeing results within 24 hours of use, however with prolonged daily use of Vitastem 2 to 3x daily, patients can see significant results within 5 to 7 days of using Vitastem. Results may take up to 2-4 weeks though for difficult acne cases.

Yes and exceptionally well. Vitastem Ultra kills all known bacteria it has ever been tested against, including MRSA (flesh-eating bacteria) and Staph Infection. By using a very specialized combination of ingredients, Vitastem has hacked the delivery formula that enables medicine to be transported at 10x the strength and depth of other products. Vitastem uses both a chemical and a physical mechanism to kill and fight pathogens. The physical mechanism of kill is a key feature of Vitastem’s strength. This formula stimulates the cell wall such that it is up to 10x more permeable than normal, allowing for substantially more medicine to enter the cell, overwhelming and killing the bacteria so quickly that it does not have time to adapt and develop resistance. This highly concentrated and rapid delivery of medicine to the site of treatment is what has Vitastem patients seeing results in 24 hours versus 5 to 7 days (as is the case with other products that treat the same conditions).

It depends on how severe the condition is, but patients have reported seeing results within 24 hours, yet more so in 5 to 7 days of using Vitastem 3x daily. When using Vitastem 2x daily, significant results may take 10-21 days or so. Results vary from person to person, but Vitastem has consistently helped people treat psoriasis flare-ups much more effectively than other products.

Yes, you can. A significant amount of the research for Vitastem Ultra came from testing the drug on animals. Dogs, cats, and other domestic pets regularly take the same medicines as humans. Many, and perhaps most antibiotics are approved for use in humans and animals. Many animal drugs start off as human medications, because there is far more money invested in human drug research. Many over-the-counter (OTC) antibiotics such as Bacitracin, and Neosporin are used as a first aid for wounds in cats and dogs even though they are not FDA approved for such use.

If you or a loved one is not truly satisfied with the results of using Vitastem over the course of 90 days, we will honor our 100% money back guarantee. Please learn more about our 90-day money back guarantee and return policy.